2FA Instructions for Facebook

Here are instructions for enabling two factor authentication (2FA) on Facebook:

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Go to Settings>Security and Login
  3. Click Use two-factor authentication


If you have Duo setup on your device and would like to use it follow these instructions:

  1. Click Authentication App
  2. Open Duo, click the plus button and take a picture of the QR code. Once Duo recognizes the QR code, click next
  3. Type in the 6 digit code from Duo, click next
  4. Click finish, you are done

Text Message/SMS

If you would like to use text message for your second factor follow these instructions:

  1. Click Text Message or Setup next to Text Message
  2. Add a New Phone Number or select a previous phone number, click next
  3. Type in 6 digit code from text message, click next

Security Key

If you would like to use a Security Key such as a Yubikey click Setup and following the directions.

Recovery Codes

If you lose your phone, Yubikey or are not able to receive text messages you may not be able to get into Facebook. To make sure you can get into your account, click Setup next to Recovery Codes, then get codes. Copy this code to your password manager.